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About MyPlaces

If you are reading this, it is not by chance. The journey begins with the search and we want you to feel that you are already living the experience. This is MyPlaces: the tourist lodging platform that was born in Medellin and came to transform the way you explore the world. 


We started in this city of open doors, but we will expand to other mountains and seas, making available to you and all travelers, the best accommodation options in the most desirable corners of Colombia, accompanying you as a host from the moment you read these letters until you return to your destination of origin.

Your stay is a moment of true connection with the place you are visiting, of comfort, tranquility, autonomy and enjoyment.

We are the beginning of a different journey.

Our concept​

In MyPlaces we came to transform the generic format of short and medium stays, assuming the role of “host” that many owners of tourist properties have today, some of them without much experience in the administration of the same or without enough time to devote to this work.

One goal

Therefore, we will put all our real estate knowledge to elevate the guest experience to the highest possible level, providing and standardizing each space with the amenities and services that such an experience requires.

Unique opportunities

Those places that we manage with all the detail and professionalism will be, finally, those that you will find in our portfolio of destinations, and you will recognize, feel and enjoy them as a single brand: MyPlaces; reliable, agile, transparent and host.

List your property​

We acknowledge that vacation rentals can yield higher returns than traditional long-term leases, but such ventures require expertise and dedication to be successful. If you have a property suitable for this type of rental but lack the necessary experience or time, this is the right avenue for you.

The Best for You

At MyPlaces, we’ll take charge of preparing and managing your property, serving as professional hosts and creating valuable experiences for both you and every guest that stays with us.

Managing 1,000 properties should not equate to 1,000 problems but rather 1,000 successful experiences.

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